10+ Dollar Tree Favor Bag Ideas

10+ Dollar Tree Favor Bag Ideas

These favor bags come in 10 ct at Dollar Tree in the paper section. They are paper favor bags. Add some colored papers in different shapes and make the custom for your party. Dollar Tree sells them in a variety of colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.

1. Minion Favor Bags

You will need yellow favor bags, Black, Brown, Grey, White and Blue Cardstock or Construction paper depending on what your Dollar Tree sells. You will also need glue and a Black Sharpie. Check out other Minion Party Ideas you can easily make for your custom one of a kind Despicable Me Party.

minion favor bags

2. Eugene (Tangeled) Favor Bags

Need something for the boys for a Tangled Birthday Party these Eugene Favor Bags are the best. You will need the Blue paper favor bags. You will also need yellow, white, brown and blue cardstock or construction paper for the pieces. You will use glue, scissors and a single hole punch. Open your creative mind with other Disney Tangled Birthday Decoration Ideas.

Eugene (Tangled) Vest Treat Bags

3. Tangled Flower Favor Bags

Tangled Flower Favor Bag

4. Dora Backpack Favor Bag

Dora Backpack favor bag

5. Spider-man Favor Bags

spiderman favor bag

6. Kermit Favor Bags

Kermit Favor Bag

7. Superman Favor Bag

Superman Favor Bag

8. Captain America Favor Bags

Captain America Favor Bags

9. Ninja Turtle Favor Bag

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Favor bags

10. Angry Birds Favor Bag

Angry Bird Favor Bag

11. Elmo Favor Bag

Elmo Favor Bags

12. Pokemon Ball Favor Bag

Pokemon Favor Bags

13. LEGO Head Favor Bag


lego head

14. Anger Favor Bag – Inside Out

Disney Anger Favor Bag

15. Beaker Favor Bag

Beaker Muppet Favor Bag


16. Minecraft Creeper Favor Bag

Minecraft Creeper Favor Bags

17. Baymax Party Favor Bags

Baymax Favor Bag

18. Tangled Favor Bag

Tangled Flower Favor Bag

19. Blu Favor Bag (Rio)

20. Charlie Brown Favor Bag

Charlie Brown Favor Bag

21. Soccer Favor Bag

Soccer Favor Bag


22. Barbie Favor Bag

Barbie Favor Bag


23. Falcons Favor BagNFL Falcons Favor Bag

Brown or White Paper Favor Bags

1. Brown – Super Mario Toad

Super Mario Red Mushroom Loot Bag


2. White – Olaf Favor Bags

Olaf favor bag


Do you have any other suggestions? Please leave a comment below and I will add them to the list.

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