10 Dollar Tree Plastic Tablecloth Crafts

Looking for something simple to make for a party? Here are 10 Dollar Tree Plastic Tablecloth Crafts you can make without breaking the bank.

10 Dollar Tree Plastic Tablecloth crafts

10 Dollar Tree Plastic Tablecloth Crafts

1. Princess Peach Castle

This princess peach castle is so simple to make. Made from cardboard, white plastic tablecloth, red construction paper, packaging tape and duck tape all purchased from Dollar Tree.

Princess Peach Castle 4

Princess Peach Castle

2. Minion Tablecloth

Who doesn’t like minions! This is so simple, made from yellow and blue plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree. Add some black party streamer and white plastic plate also from Dollar Tree, tape it all down and you got yourself a minion!

Minion Tablecloth tutorial

Minion Tablecloth

3. Charlie Brown Tablecloth

Having a Peanuts Thanksgiving? This easy to make Charlie Brown Tablecloth is made from a yellow tablecloth and black party streamer. Check out other Charlie Brown party ideas.

Charlie Brown Tablecloth

Charlie Brown Tablecloth

4. Submarine

I know you are already singing Yellow Submarine! Great now it’s stuck in my head too! With the use of orange plastic tablecloth, yellow party streamers, paper plates and blue tissue paper you can easily make this Submarine.

Submarine Bible Study

Submarine Tutorial

5. iPhone Pinata

Who you gonna call! Not Ghostbusters, they didn’t have iPhones! True iPhones are more and more becoming the past, kinda. This iPhone pinata is made from a cardboard box covered with black plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree, Add some duck tape and silver or white poster board you got yourself an iPhone Pinata.

iPhone Pinata

Iphone Pinata

6. Princess Castle

You only need 3 plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree, some packaging tape, cardboard and a marker and you can make this simple Princess Castle. Check out the full tutorial to make your own Princess Castle.

 7. Pokemon Go Pokeball Wall Decoration

Do you play Pokemon Go? Gotta Catch em all with this Pokeball Wall decoration. All you need is red and white plastic tablecloth, black party streamer and a paper plate. Check out the tutorial.Pokemon Ball Wall Decorations

Pokemon Ball

 8. Mickey Mouse Wall Silhouette

Mickey, Mickey you are so fine! A simple 3 circles cut from a black plastic tablecloth that you can practically do in your sleep can make a Mickey Mouse Wall Silhouette. See the full instructions.
Minnie Mouse wall decoration

Mickey Mouse Wall Decoration

9. Agency D3 Headquarters

Lifeway VBS 2014 theme was Agency D3. This is the inside of the Agency D3 Headquaters that was made almost entirely out of silver tablecloths from Dollar Tree in the wedding section. Black party streamers accompany to make the grid. Check out the Agency D3 Wall.

 Agency D3 Wall

10. Fish Pinata

I’m feeling fishy, are you? This simple fish pinata is made from a cardboard box covered with yellow plastic tablecloth with pink party streamer, silver tablecloth for the fins and orange tissue paper for the eye. You can also get purple ribbon from Dollar Tree as outlined on the fish pinata.

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