10 Frustrations of Moving

10 Frustrations of Moving

1. Packing – If you are lucky you can get a moving company to pack for you but I prefer packing myself so I know exactly where something is and how it is packed. Packing yourself will also cut down on the frustrations of Moving.

2. Unpacking – I really dislike unpacking, however the upside of unpacking is that you realize items you will no longer need.

3. Calling to change utilities – One of the most stressful things for me when moving is calling all utilities and having them set up disconnect and reconnect dates. Anything can go wrong and it not work out correctly and that adds more stress to the moving experience.

4. Update your address with companies – Make a list as you go about all the companies you need to call for example credit cards, subscriptions, and any other persons that will need your new address.

5. Making sure your Newspaper subscription gets delivered – Every time we have moved it has never failed that my newspaper doesn’t make the transition for the first couple of weeks. Make sure that you notice if it gets delivered and if it doesn’t be sure to call right away to get it resolved.

6. Cleaning your old place – Once you are packed it is a bit easier to clean your old place but by that time you are more than likely ready to be done with the place.

7. Wipe down the new place – Before putting up your stuff you will want to wipe everything down even if the previous residents just cleaned. Have peace of mind knowing you know how clean your new home is. It takes time and you’ll want to hurry up and start placing everything where you want it.

8. Get each room organized – Once all the boxes are in the new place it can be overwhelming and a frustration of moving to get them in the right rooms.

9. Getting copies of the keys – If you are like us we only got one Key to the house when we moved in. It has been 5 months and we still haven’t gone to get another key made!

10. Changing your address with the DMV – One of the last things on your mind when moving is getting a new driver’s license reflecting your new address especially is you just moved across town.

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