10 Great Gifts for Kids from Dollar Tree

Stuffed Animal Dollar Tree

In my opinion these are great gifts for kids from Dollar Tree

1. Books. My kids love book and I am thankful. If you want your kids to read then five them books because they might just pick it up and like it!

2. Coloring/Activity Books/flash cards. Both my boys have very different learning delays but we love using these activity books at hope. My middle kid learned his shaped because of the activity books from Dollar Tree.

3. Puzzles. Work on those fine motor skills and give them something they can accomplish on their own or even as a family. They make great gifts.

4. Hard Plastic Animal Figurines. My kids love having any plastic animals and we can’t afford the big sets you get at Target or Wal-mart but we can afford 1 animal at a time and now their collection has gotten bigger. Also they learned what each animal noises they make and how to sound them out correctly. Its a great learning tool for our family and might just be for yours as well.

5. Dress-up Accessories. My little princess loves dress up and since she breaks things I rather giver her some cheap items then more expensive ones. Also some of the Dollar Tree items are better made then then ones you can find in the $1 section at Target. Dollar Tree also has other great dress-up accessories like Fireman and Hard Hats. They also have gloves, tutus, and fireman plastic jackets.

6. Oven Mitts and Apron. Do you have a little kitchen helper? My kids try they really try so I know a great gift would be for them to have their very own apron and oven mitt. You could even get them their very own special spatula or mixer!

7. Stuffed Animals. One year my husband and I were at Dollar Tree looking for some items to put in the kids Easter Baskets and we came across 6 different whales and sharks stuffed animals. I was hesitant because at the time our kids were very very young that I thought these were to old for them. However now they still love playing with them plus our 6 yr old now knows tons more about whales and sharks and the different kinds.

8. Ear Buds and docking station. These would be more for the older kids but Dollar Tree has a great selections on phone cases, ear buds and ipod/iphone docking stations. I just got myself an ipad back cover and its much thicker than the one I got from Wal-Mart.

9. Flash lights/tools. Older kids may be interested in build items from their own hands or evening helping our around the home like replacing blinds or tightening handles. Whatever the case maybe getting them started with their very own tools may just be the right gift for them.

10. Gardening Supplies. You’ll be amazed at the gardening items Dollar Tree has. They has seeds to gardening gloves to shovels and much more. You can even get a Watering Pot!


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