10 Helpful Hints to get ready for Back to School

How to get ready for Back to School

  1. Make a Plan. So you may be one week away from school starting like me. Make sure you start making a plan there is a lot of items that need to be done before school even starts. Get all paper work, health forms. Physical forms, immunization records and any other items like school supply list and registration forms.
  2. Write everything down. Make a Calendar along with a notebook designated for school or activities that your family will be doing over the next weeks and months. Write everything down including Doctor appointments, sports, practices, registration, work, play dates and so on.
  3. Make a designated spot for School items. So once you have your documents together select a place in your home like a family desk area or refrigerator or drawer that you can keep all your paperwork and calendar together you need to get started for the school year.
  4. Get organized. If you want to have less stress you need to get organized. Beside the items listed above consider making a budget so you understand what you can spend on back to school supplies, clothes and any unforeseen expenses that always come up at the beginning of the school year. Also get organized with a car ride schedule. I drive my kids to and from school and we have constant arguments on which person sits in which seat. This schedule has made it easier on us!car-ride-schedule
  5. Set up a Routine. About a week before or more start a routine with your kids for example where they need to put their shoes after school or where their book bag goes and what you expect them to get done before dinner or other activities.
  6. Make an intake and output area. This is so important and now that my kids are getting in higher grades I really need to work on this. Your kids will bring home on average of at least 5 papers if not more each week. You will want a place to put all your kids paperwork in one place so when get a few minutes each week you can determine whether to keep, toss, scan or sign. Make sure within that area you have a place to put items that need to be returned to the teacher or school so you can easily fill out, sign and return.
  7. Set it all out for the first day of school. So everyone kids loves to look their best the first day of school so prepare ahead of time and set out their outfit with all accessories needed for the big day. Make sure it is washed, pressed and ironed! Include the book bag and all items that need to go with the child on the first day of school.
  8. Haircuts, Get them early. Many places have discounted back to school haircuts just look around to see the best fit for your family. Take your kids or do them yourself haircuts atleast 2 weeks before school starts so if there is any mess-ups or they don’t like it they won’t have to deal with it in a horrible fashion on the first day of school.
  9. Know Bus Stop information. Don’t be late on the first day of school because you don’t know what time to have your child out at the bus stop. Also when picking them up from the bus stop be sure to be early. The first couple of week’s bus drivers will be early or late until they get a feel for traffic and routine. So be prepared.
  10. Take a Deep Breathe! It’s almost time for the day your kiddos will be off to school! I know I am looking forward to the day but not at the same time. I want my kids to be in school so I have more time to unpack and get other items organized but I know I will also miss them to. Make sure to hug the kids extra long on the first day of school.

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