10 Things to Save from VBS 2015 for VBS 2016

10 Things to Save from VBS 2015 for VBS 2016

1. Greenery and Flowers – reuse for under water plants

2. Blue and Green Tableclothes – reuse for waves and sea plants

3. Rocks – If you made foam or paper bag rocks you can use for the bottom of the ocean or even sand embankments.

4. Green streamers – Use for Sea weed

5. Paper Leaves – Use for Sea plants

6. Blue Paper – reuse for waves and bubbles

7. K Cup Flowers – reuse for sea plants and jelly fish

8. Grass Skirts – Use for sea plants

9. Cardboard – repaint and make props

10. Pipe Cleaners – Use for props

These are just some suggestions of items you may have used for Journey off the Map


Topic: 10 Things to save from VBS 2015 for VBS 2016


    1. MSM

      each store carries different products for instance I also had waggin trains dog treat, Garnier Fructis, and Zicam, Almay face product which I could have gotten also FREE but they didn’t have them at this store so I will need to go to another store near me that I know does have them. Its a hit and miss.

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