Are you on the Move? 10 Ways to help lessen stress of a move.

Ok first off I am no expert about moving what way is wrong or the right way. I do know everyone is different and even though these tips help me lessen the stress during a move.

10 Ways to help lessen stress of a move

1. Pack Slowly. Yes I know not everyone has the luxury of knowing when they will move and having lots of time to move but set a daily or weekly goal for yourself and stick to it. I made a goal of packing 5 boxes each day and getting rid of atleast 5 items per day that I dont need or have used for the past year.

2. Paperwork. You will have tons of paperwork items you will need to keep track of including utility bills, rent/mortgage leases. etc. Get a folder and start putting all the paperwork in one area.

3. Make a list of phone numbers. There is no doubt you will have phone numbers you will need to call during the process of moving so get a pen and paper and start a list of all the numbers you might need like realtor, lease agent, insurance agent, utilities, schools, transportation, and so on. Save time later on from having to search for the numbers make it easier on yourself.

4. Make a list of To Do Items. This may seem corny but it really helps me.Make a list of what you need to pack including your first box to open, Last/first week of clothes you will wear so all other stuff can be packed.

5. Wash everything. This may seem like a no brainer but I have seen people pack items that havent been washed or cleaned before packing them. You will want to wipe everything once you unpack but for clothes atleast you know you can put them away right away. This helps with mold and any other yucky stuff that might come about from packing unclean items!

6. Label your boxes. If you are like my family then you may be doing all the packing yourself since its cheaper and unlikely you are moving paid for by a business. Label your boxes as you pack. I am horrible about this but in our current situation we are in a hurry to pack plus we dont have as much as we normally have had in the past. If you have friends helping you move then the labels will help them figure out where the boxes need to go.

7. Call Utilities Companies. Once you know your new address and you are for sure start calling the utility companies and getting services turned on for your desired date. Also close accounts on desired date for your current place. If you have your handy list you made with all those phone numbers it will make it much easier for you to get them all done at once.

8. Change your address. Go to your state DMV website and change your address as soon as you know your new address. Also be sure to print out the form for voter registration.

9. Make a list of items you need to get. It is inevitable you will need to get items for your new place that you didnt need in your current place. For example our current place has a built in microwave so we gave ours away. But our new place doesnt have one and with small kids I really rely on having a microwave. Other items you may need to get are shower curtain liners, hooks, etc.

10. Double check all your utilities. Just to be on the safe side consider double checking the week of your move with all your utlities that the date to turn on and turn off are still valid.

Hope these suggestions will help you lessen some stress from your nex move.


Topic: 10 Ways to help lessen stress of a move.

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