10 ways to organize your kids bedroom

Can’t walk through your children’s room without stepping on something? I feel you, it is a constant struggle with my children to keeping their rooms clean. We even created a summer chore schedule before any electronics can be turned on! It kinda worked, but by afternoon there is no walkway to be seen! Below are ways to organize your kids bedroom for real people like our family. Most of the ideas are creative ways to use products from Dollar Tree that works for us.

 10 Ways to Organize a kid's bedroom

10 ways to organize your kids bedroom

1. Closets. Be wise with your closet space.

  • Use the hanging organizers to have more storage.
  • Use shelving units add more areas to use.
  • Use the back of the doors to hangs items.
  • Place the plastic single drawers at the bottom of a closet.
  • If you have room, create a double hanging area for smaller closets.
  • Use Shoe organizers for the sides of closets if they are deep.

2. Toy boxes. If you need an inexpensive way for toy boxes get the plastic storage containers for $5 it beats the $20 plus toy boxes and works just as good.

We have purchased many containers from Dollar Tree in the colors my kids like and those have lasted quite a bit.

Dollar Tree Toy Container

3. Need Shelves. We invested in containers from Dollar Tree that fit my children’s chapter books in nicely. We have them lined on the dresser. Great thing is you can stack them on each other.

Dollar Tree Book Containers

4. Drawers.  Get section dividers or make your own, but be wise about what belongs in each drawer. In my daughters room her drawer we labeled ‘Bottoms’ contains a bin for her socks, tights and leggings and another for dress shorts and underwear. These work great when she has to put her clothes away. She keeps them organized and has no excuse not knowing which items belongs in its container. They are bins found at Dollar Tree.

Drawer Containers

5. Hooks. Use hooks behind doors in closets or even from the ceiling to hold coats, scarfs, toys and much more, a great way to de-cluttering the floor and keep organized. We have the kids medals and ribbons hanging from hooks in the kids rooms.

I have become a hook queen! really ask my children. Not only do we have hooks inside most of the closets, we have them in various places of the rooms including my kitchen where I have hung them below my upper cabinet to hang cooking utensils. Hooks can be purchased at Dollar Tree. Go a little crazy with hooks, they are a great invention.

Kitchen Utensils hooks

6. Under the bed. You can find many containers that fit perfectly under beds to which you can store winter or summer clothing or even sentimental items. Just be sure you pack neatly and keep organized. Also be sure label to make it easier to find items.

I can’t stress enough, Label, label, label. Save yourself some time by labeling your containers, especially if they are not clear. No need to continually open and rummage through because you thought something might be in there.

7. Behind the door. There are all kinds of different door organizers that are great for kids rooms and to keep smaller items organized. We have a Shoe pocket organizer on the back of my daughters door. She houses her Barbie’s there. Behind my boys door is a card holder that fits their Pokemon Cards. They don’t show up on the floor anymore! The great thing is they are displayed side by side and easier to look at. You can also used the card sleeves for a binder.

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8. Bookshelves. Bookshelves don’t just have to be for books you can also use to display toys or other important items to have in the kids room, like a piggy bank.

My boys have one bookshelf that has books on it but we got the stack-able shelves from dollar tree and now to the side of the books on the shelf they have a place to put small odds and ends, one of the shelf bin holds their pencils and color pencils.

9. Hampers. There are many theme looking hampers that are not sore to the eye, but are very practical to any kids room? So we have gone through may variations of hampers in the kids rooms but we ultimately decided what works best for our family is to have the kids take their clothes after getting showered and dressed to the laundry room. In there we have laundry bags labeled with their Initial. We know that when a bag is full its enough for a load. This helps us keep dirty clothes out of the kids room and semi-prepped for laundry.

We did try the laundry bags hanging on the backs of the kids doors. It work so well for us, it might for you. Having the plastic hamper didn’t work either, clothes would end up piled on top, plus when it was full that was more than 1 load, it got out of hand and just didn’t work for us.

10. Have a place for everything. Most importantly if you don’t have a place for everything on your child’s room then you need to consider what needs to be gotten rid of or stored elsewhere. Like Nony from A Slob Come Clean she talks about the container rule. It was eye opening for me too. If you have more items than fit in your designated container, Don’t go and buy another container. Organize what you have in level of importance to you. Then one by one place them back into the container and those that are not as important will be last and if you don’t have room consider donating them. Live within the container means. It is hard at first but believe me if you have a place for everything it will help you stay organize and help your kids.

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