25 Must haves for every Kitchen

This list is intended for those starting out or a reminder for those who want to add to their kitchen and need a quick list of items to acquire to make life in the kitchen a bit easier.

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25 Must haves for every Kitchen


1. Spatula. You need something to flip those burgers or any items that need stirring and taken off the stove.

2. Eating Utensils. They can be plastic or metal, but either way it makes it easier to eat your meal!

3. Dishes. You’ll want plates and bowls. You can find some nice sturdy ones at the Dollar Tree if you are going for plastic and you can even mix and match for a more modern look. dishes don’t have to be expensive. Ceramic plates and bowls are available also at Dollar Tree and is often cheaper to buy them separate then buying sets from Wal-mart or Dollar General or even Big Lots.

4. Pots and Pans. You need at least one pot and one pan to start off with. If you start one at a time invest in high quality to last long. Being frugal minded here, many times I have found high quality, brand new pots and pans from Goodwill and pay only a couple of dollars and saved hundreds. Know your budget and don’t try getting it all at once unless you have the money.

5. Stove. If you want to cook, you must absolutely have a stove, but I guess you could just use a microwave!

6. Oven/Microwave/George Foreman. All these items are not necessary but you will want to have at least one in your kitchen to make meal preparation easier.

7. Can opener. Whether you have an electric or manual it essential to have one.

8. Refrigerator. If you don’t want to live completely out of boxes and canned food then you will want to get a refrigerator. you can get a decent energy efficient one for a couple hundred. Be sure to get a warranty on it because the cost of repairs can easily exceed the cost of the frig very quickly.

9. Coffee pot/tea pot. Even if you are not a coffee or tea drinker then you will still want a tea pot or a coffee make to quickly heat up water for Ramen noodles or even hot chocolate.

10. Towels. Every kitchen needs at least a hand towel to clean up messes because paper towels can get expensive over a period of time, plus a towel helps dry dishes, holds water back from spilling over a boiling pot and can be used as a oven mitt if needed. They can be washed and reused.

11. Bakeware. Even if you are not into baking you will want at least a cupcake pan or cookie sheet. Use the cookie sheet for pizzas, cupcake pan can be used for quick breakfasts like individual quiche or even pot pies.

12. Mixing bowls and spoons. If you live out of boxed foods then you will be mixing whether it is butter or seasonings. So be prepared to have one good mixing bowl and one good mixing spoon.

13. Salt and pepper shakers. Many people will add salt or pepper to their meal regardless of the taste so be prepared and have them available. You can always buy the pre-filled at the grocery store rather than having separate containers.

14. Oven Mitts. Even if you don’t have an oven, oven mitts are great to use for pot holders. Pot holders are also great to take out your items from the oven.

15. Tongs. These are helpful for pulling out spaghetti noodles or even flipping items. The are great for grabbing out boiled hotdogs, eggs or even sausage from a George Foreman.

16. Aluminum Foil. This is a must have because it will save tons of time and help you take care of your bakeware having them last longer. Simply use aluminum foil for lining the insides of your bake-ware dishes even cookie sheets and use it to cover dishes to keep them warmer and fresh longer. Aluminium foil can be used to wrap and freeze food too.

17. Sponges. If your home is not equipped with a dishwasher then having sponges to clean your dishes is a must.

18. Dish soap. You will need dish soap whether you are hand washing or using a dishwasher. Use soap accordingly and appropriately to keep your dishes lasting longer. Dish soap can be used for other various areas of your home not just the kitchen.

19. Trash can. If you spend anytime in your kitchen then you will have trash, so invest in a quality trash can. Hint some of the most durable trash cans I have owned came from the Dollar Tree!

20. Trash bags. Dispose of your trash in bags and save yourself from having to clean up tons of yucky trash collection that will reside at the bottom of your trash can. Use trash bags for many other items as well.

21. Timer. If you don’t have an oven or a microwave with a timer then get a simple timer from Dollar Tree to keep track of those noodles or pizzas!

22. Mop. Even just a simple sniffer will do for those yucky messes.

23. Broom and dust pan. Regardless if you have a mop you will always have dirt to sweep.

24. Cooking Utensils. You need a pizza cutter, potato peeler, can opener, ice cream scoop, cutting board.

25. Measuring cups. Having a set of measuring cups will be a huge help you don’t need a huge set.

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