5 Must bring items for Black Friday Shopping

If you are going out shopping on Black Friday these are must things you will want. I’m sure you can think of others but you will want these.


5 Must bring items for Black Friday Shopping

1. A friend. Don’t go alone! You can cover more ground when there is more than one of you plus you will want one person to watch over your items while you get whats on your list from that store. Helps with people taking things out off your cart.

2. A Plan. Write it or type it out or put on your phone. Just be sure to have it so you know where you are going and the path you are taking.

3. A Clock. If you are an avid Black Friday shopper then you will want to know the time so you know how much time you have between stores opening and when certain sales begin.

4. A Pen. It goes without saying that you will want to check your list off as you go. Help yourself not get so confused and overwhelmed by your list.

5. Take your Ads. Occasionally stores make mistakes and computer errors arise and correct prices are not entered into the system. So avoid the frustration of trying to figure out correct price to correct products just take the store ad with you. Save time and frustration for you and cashiers.

See I know you can come up with more things you will want to Bring On Black Friday, so do me a favor and lets help each other out. If you have an item to add simply leave a comment below.

Happy Black Friday Shopping


  1. Heather

    Take coffee and water. I also cash out my Christmas money and use bank envelopes for each person. These all go in my wallet. I write on them what I purchased and when the money is gone, it’s gone. No overspending.

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