5 Tips to achieve your New Years Resolutions

5 Tips to achieve your New Years Resolutions

So it’s almost the New Year and we will all be writing New Years Resolutions.

Here are some tips on achieving those resolutions.

1. Set reasonable resolutions. Everyone would. Love to lose 30 pounds but lets be realistic, set a manageable goal that’s within reason like 15 pounds by the end of 2 months. Be specific with your goal. know when you want to accomplish them

2. Set Small Goals. The best way to accomplish anything is breaking them down into smaller goals and working on those, soon you will see the bigger goal accomplished.

3. Know Why. Know why you are setting these goals and why you want to accomplish them. Write them out on paper. sometimes seeing them in print helps you visualize the end goal and helps accomplishing them.

4. Make a Calendar. Now that you have your smaller goals set and times you want them accomplished by now create a calendar and post them on there. Seeing your goals will help you see how to accomplish them. mark each day off as you work through accomplishing those goals.

5. Don’t Stop and be Flexible. I can’t stress enough that you need to be flexible. Don’t over work yourself and don’t stress if you don’t achieve a goal, just rewrite and set a new date to accomplish. Sometimes we try to achieve too much too quickly and it’s not healthy for us.

Hope these tips help you accomplish your New Years Resolutions.

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