5 Ways to Save on Sports Gear

save on sports gear

5 Ways to Save on Sports Gear

Do you have a sports guru in your family? Or do you have little ones starting out for the first time. I have a son who really wants to play but is too scared to venture out onto the field. I don’t have the money to buy new nor to pay for him to play so I looked for some alternatives so I wouldn’t break the bank.

Here are my suggestions.

1. Thrift Shops.

You never know what treasures you can find at Thrift Shops. Thrift Shops are no different than hand me downs. Not to mention items donated to Thrift shops typically means the persons donating took the time to set the items aside to be donated and you can sometimes find brand new items with tags.

2. Clearance Racks.

If you are like my first order of business in big box stores is to scour the clearance areas. Not often but you can find clearance sporting good items. Sometimes it could be that a tag was pulled of or a ball is going slightly flat but still in good condition.

3. Sports Equipment Stores.

Sports stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods have sales and sometimes those sales are worth the wait for brand new items at half the cost. Most deep sales occur 2-3 weeks into the season and then again at the end of the seasons.

4. YMCA Trades.

Sometimes at the end of the seasons YMCA will put out a table and have an exchange. You bring your unused pair and exchange for another pair that you need. Sounds great to me unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the sizes I needed for my kid.

5. Friends and Family.

Check with friends or even your family! Someone might have some sports equipment not being used that you might be able to ask to have! Why spend money if you don’t have too!

That’s it! I’m sure there are many other ways as well to save on sports gear like online shopping but often times you can’t wait for shipping and have the product arrive in time for when you needed.

Good Luck and have lots of fun making some memories with  your kids.

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