$5 Wedding Centerpiece

dollar tree vase

$5 Wedding Centerpiece

So yes I totally ripped this off from my Sister-in-laws Wedding but hers were not made from the Dollar Tree. These are just as good in my opinion and a great way to cut costs.

dollar tree rose petals

What to Buy:

1. Vases. There are all kinds of different types at Dollar Tree but choose one and determine how many you need and buy all at once. If your Dollar Tree location does not have enough ask them to call another one and see if they have them. If not you can order in bulk on DollarTree.com. This might be the easier way if you can wait a few days.

2. Rocks. Dollar Tree has many different color rocks. Choose a color to accent your wedding. They have from clear to teal to many other colors.

3. Flowers. There are many flowers to choose from but be careful that the flowers you get you get enough to use for the tables plus elsewhere and make sure your flowers have all their petals and no rips and so forth.

4. Flower Tea Candles. Again choose a color to accent your wedding and be sure to get enough for all your decoraitons.

5. Flower Petals. You can find white, pink and a light purple bag of petals. You may be able to find other colors online.

What you Need:

– Vases

– Rocks

– Flowers

– Water

– Flower Petals

How to Make:

1. Take the vase and add the rocks to the middle of the vase.

2. Fill the vase halfway with water and then add the a few flowers sticking the stem into the rocks. Make sure the rocks are holding up the flowers.

3. Add the flower pedal candle to the candle and let float.

4. Add pedals around the vase to give more volume and make the vase more decorative.


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