50 Things to do this Summer

50 Things to do this Summer

Can you believe we are approaching the halfway mark in July? Time flies! 

How’s your Summer going? Keeping busy? Have the little ones started saying the dreaded words, “I’m bored,” yet? Luckily, we have compiled a list of Things to do this summer.

  1. Hiking
  2. Visit historical markers
  3. Parks
  4. Beach
  5. Zoo
  6. Visiting a Nursing Home
  7. Visiting a Soup Kitchen
  8. Library
  9. Read a book
  10. Making Cards for nursing home
  11. Theme Park
  12. Walk downtown
  13. Thrift Store
  14. Yard Selling
  15. Clean up the neighborhood
  16. Pokemon Go – Go walking and visit your area
  17. Board Games
  18. Outdoor Movie Night
  19. Outdoor water games
  20. Sleepover
  21. Video Game Day
  22. Roast Smores
  23. Fishing
  24. Ice Skating
  25. Roller Skating
  26. Museum
  27. Children’s Museum
  28. Ball Game
  29. See a Play
  30. Bike Riding
  31. Catch Bugs with a net
  32. Cleaning Chart
  33. Make a Video – Their Story
  34. Create a story book
  35. Create a board Game
  36. Painting
  37. Create a sculptor
  38. Learn to sew
  39. Make a Craft
  40. Learn to change a tire
  41. Learn to mow the yard
  42. Plant a garden
  43. Simple home repairs
  44. Have a Yard Sale
  45. Create a rock garden (fairy)
  46. Help a local church
  47. Help at a Food Bank
  48. Have a Clothing Drive
  49. Donate old toys and books to others
  50. Create a fortress out of large boxes.


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