9+ Simple Home Hacks

Do you feel your home is out of sorts? I know my home gets out of sorts all the time. I admit, I pretty much am a slob. I had to get control of my house. We have been in our home for just over a year. I admit we had more stuff then we really needed and for the first few months we evaluated what we needed and what we didn’t. I thought that if I had a place for everything I wouldn’t need to get rid of anything. That simply wasn’t true. Check out how I quickly de-cluttered. These 9+ Simple Home Hacks were ideas I used to help get our home organized. I had to learn that if everything of that like kind did not fit in these areas than I had to re-evaluate if I really needed everything.

9+ Simple Home Hacks

Shoe Organizer Door

I used a staple gun and attached this shoe organizer to the inside of my hallway linen closet. In here I placed our extra toiletry items that don’t necessarily need to have in the bathroom where the kids can get into them. My kids are getting older and know better but I am still pretty cautious.

We have the following items:

  • Bar Soap
  • Tooth Brushes
  • Tooth Paste
  • Finger nail clippers, tweezers, wet ones
  • Wash Clothes
  • Band Aids
  • Sunscreen
  • Medicine (Top sleeves)
  • Hair Brushes and combs

Closet Door Shoe Organizer

Inside Closet Jewelry

In my daughters room, first off its a smaller room but that’s ok, she is the only girl and doesn’t share a room. She has a deep closet so I decided to utilize the inside of her closet. On the one side we have a shoe holder which is great for her play dress up shoes and flip flops. On the other side we found this jewelry holder at Goodwill. The Goodwill I found this at, you pay by the pound so we paid maybe a quarter for it.

I hung all her jewelry. She has tons of play jewelry and real jewelry.

Jewelry Holder inside closet

You can get this jewelry hanger on Amazon.


Paper Door organizer

I was given a paper organizer that I stapled to the inside my living room closet. When I put it up it was the towards the end of the school year so I originally placed the papers that came home in each sleeve from my kids. By the last day of school the holders were so full. I had to de-clutter the papers. I eventually removed the papers and had to think how would this paper organizer benefit me and my family. There are six slots so I eventually created a slot for each kids with their summer reading logs and math packets. If they complete them they get ice-cream and game/popcorn time when they return to school.

The remaining three, I divided it up between my three kids. Each one has a pouch that holds the papers and certificates they wanted to keep. This limited the amount of paper hanging out each of the pouches.

Kitchen Hooks

I took hooks from Dollar Tree and screwed them into the bottom of the cabinet near my stove. I don’t have much counter space or cabinets so I created an area to hang my cooking utensils. They hang at the back of my cabinets near the wall.

Kitchen Utensils hooks

Kitchen Bookshelves

I have a small kitchen but it lacks cabinet space so I created my own storage. I found two white bookshelves from Habitat for Humanity Re-store Store for $10 each. They are pretty tall bookshelves for me! Needless to say I put my cups and bowls there. They are at eye level for my kids. On one of the bookshelves has boxed goods and cereal, breads and cookies.

Dollar Tree Plastic Storage

On my kitchen bookshelves I got plastic storage containers for my cereals and plastic containers for my food items I need to pour like sugar, beans, rice, potato flakes, noodles, etc. There are many plastic storage containers you can find at Dollar Tree for many uses. My kids have the mini tubs that house their toys into categories; animals, people, cars, furniture, dolls, LEGOs, Pony, etc.

Dollar Tree Cereal Continers

Dollar Tree Containers

Cabinet and Sink holder

I found a couple door holders that you screw onto the inside of your cabinets. I placed on inside my bathroom cabinet to create place for smaller tubes like toothpaste, lotions, sprays, etc.

Use paper/magazine holders along with Dollar Tree hooks to place on the inside of your cabinet doors like I used under my kitchen sink. These hold me cleaning supplies on one side and the other door I have my Aluminium foil, Saran Wrap, paper lunch bags, etc.

Dollar Tree extra cabinet storage space

Inside closet bag holder

I got some hooks from Dollar Tree these can be found in the automotive/houseware isle. They are the individual hooks that can be screwed into places. I screwed 3 into the side of the wall inside my Living Room closet and hung my kids book bags. This was done for the summer while the kids are out of school. Normally my kids hang their book bags just inside from the front door during the school year.


Living Room Bookshelf/End Table

I have a smaller living room that doesn’t have much of an entry way from the front door. I needed a place for our shoes as we come in the house. Since its a small living room I can’t exactly have traditional end tables. I found this thin bookshelf at a Thrift Store for $5. It works perfect for both an end table and has three shelves we can put our shoes and house slippers at that are in season.

Bookself Living room shoes

Living Room Closet Shoe Racks

I have wire shelves I think I got them at a yard sale, I can’t remember but I didn’t pay much for them. They are the ones that you can connect by stacking. I have 2 which gives me room for 3 areas for shoes that are out of season like boots or flip flops depending on the season.

Closet scarf holder

Technically this holder is suppose to go over the door, but I screwed it into the side of my closet and using the hooks to hold scarfs and gloves as well as the extra jackets.

Dresser Side elastic Toy Holder

Yes I did staple elastic to the side of my boys dresser. Here is why! First the dresser was free to me. Its solid but dark brown. It is a functional dresser but nothing special. My boys have what I call their Toy Weapons, mostly Light Saber and Swords. They do have a couple Nerf Guns. There is really no good area in their room to put them. I tried the closet but then they get moved around and just being shifted from one place to another. Have the elastic helps them stay in place.


Closet clothes holder

I stapled the clothes holders into my hallway closet, that houses our cleaning items and toiletries. Instead of clothes in the holder I rolled up our towels and put them in the holders. I also put a few open toilet paper rolls in some of the sleeves.

What clever Organizing hacks do you have? Let me know about your bright ideas in the comments below.


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