About Me

About Moms Saving Money (Rebecca Autry Creations)

So with recent info about me and what I posted and getting tons of hits on this page I thought I should update. I started Moms Saving Money – momssavingmoney.com (now Rebecca Autry Creations – www.rebeccaautry.com) as a way to keep myself accountable to save money and pay off debt. I thought I could help others and I obviously have helped tons.

Last November (2015) I made a huge jump from being a Coupon site to posting my Party Decoration Ideas and Vacation Bible School Decoration Ideas, because its what I love to do and fairly great at it. I started with my blog in June of 2010 for less than $4. Today it brings in income and through out the years we have had to heavily rely on it.

If you are a company I reserve the right to NOT work for FREE and I got to were I am today by following the rules. Do not ask me to post a Do Follow link for payment, your email will go straight to file 13.

I host my own Rebecca Autry Creation Store where you can purchase handmade products or even the SVG, PDF and PNG files for items I have made.

I am all for working smarter and not harder so therefore I post only a couple of days each week. I have three children and happily married.

I profess Jesus Christ as the Son of God born of a virgin.

If you feel at any time I am not acting Christian, I’m sorry, I am a work in progress. God loves me for who I am and all my faults.

Jerry Falwell ingrained in our heads, “If it’s Christian, It ought to be better.” I sincerely try but we all fail. I have gone through tough times of my own and I have not arrived. I have and will publicly if need be to apologize for mistakes I have made.

So I hope you stop by more often and see my pretty neat creations I make with Cardboard Boxes, tape and tissue paper.