Appreciation for Parents

I want to take the time to say Thank You to all the Mothers and Father who teach their children.

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day and traditionally we think of those teachers who teach outside their homes to children not of their own and I applaud you. Than You what you do is amazing.

But I want to take a moment to Give a Huge Shout out to those Mothers and Fathers whom home school and to those that aren’t necessarily home school but offer advice/teaching to their children. You are important role models and your children are watching you and look up to you.

I looked up to my mother when I was younger, she verbally and physically abused by my father and yes this is the first time I’m writing it and posting it. I not ashamed anymore, what was done is done and no need to hide it. My parents are divorced and live several states away and the abuse is no longer an issue and hasn’t been for many years now, but the point of this post is not about my past but about how influential parents are and how they have the greatest impact on their kids. It doesn’t matter whether you are a two parent home or single parent home, you have an important role in your kids lives and your impact on them will last their lifetime.

Regardless what you teach your kids it will always be I their minds. Yesterday I taught my oldest son how to read a ruler. He came home with an assignment about inches and centimeters and he had all but 2 wrong. He told me the teacher didn’t want to be bothered, whether that is true or not I don’t know he fudges a lot to get out of things he doesn’t know how to do so I really don’t know. The issue is this was the first time an assignment like this was sent home and he didn’t know any of it so I took time to teach him.

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