Are you a Slinky?

Are you a Slinky?

Yes, Yes you are! The hubby and I were listening to a podcast the other day and learned that our life is like a slinky!

Let me explain, If you take a Slinky and hold one end from your fingers while the other end expands to the ground until its at its resting space and then you let the top go, the bottom will not move, in fact it will hover in place until the whole coil colapses together and then it will all fall to the ground.

Neat huh? So how is this like our life. Well here you go. You only experience what is around you and what affects you. So if a person in China ate cheese you probably would never know, right? Yes because that person isn’t directly affecting you or crossing you path.

But if a person in China at cheese and filmed it and placed it on Youtube or any other social media it may cross your path and if you click and watch it then instantly that person has now affected your life!

Have I lost you yet? The example used in the podcast was if the sun was hit by something that caused it to diminish we wouldnt know until 8 mins and some seconds late because that is how long it will take for the affects of the sun to reach us. Unless something is very close to us then we may never know something has happened or existed.


So our lives are like a slinky!

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