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repupose food containers

Re-purpose Food Containers – Around the House Storage

I’ve been looking for ways to reuse and re-purpose products around the house. I’m on my way to living a simpler life by getting rid of the excess that does not need to be in our home.

Here is something apparently I have been doing for awhile and didn’t realize it is a way I have been reusing food containers.

This is a Country Time Lemonade Container I have tons of them from Kroger when I got them for $.50 each. Well I don’t like throwing things out and I have a snack area for my kids that makes it easier for me to put their lunches together in the morning . I happened to look at my snack area trying to figure out what I want to do and saw this container. So I opened it and remember oh yeah I put the boxes of raisins in there so I can keep them together!

So yes 1 full package of raisins fits in the container. Its a great way to keep them together and I remember why I did it in the first place and that’s because the little boxes don’t stand up and stay up if thy get nudged ever so slightly so this worked perfectly.

Do you have any ideas for around the house storage you already do. Feel free to submit an idea and/or picture and I will feature you here on Moms Saving Money. You can submit by emailing to momssaving1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Kimberly

    I need to get better at reusing plastic containers! My daughter is using a former gum container for all of her hair elastics and it’s perfect. I know I could figure out more uses for them.

  2. Candace little

    I use a sleepy time celestial seasonings tea tin for my ibuprofen.

    I need help organizing my non perishable food pantry any ideas it’s not huge and the bottom shelf is missing probably 3 shelves to work with

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