Avengers Party Ideas

Captain America shield invites

Avengers Party Ideas

Start off with a Captain America Shield Invitation. You can get the SVG, PNG, PDF file in the Moms Saving Money Party Store.

There are so many great Avenger Party Ideas that you can do just about anything from Avenger Cake Ideas like having a Captain America cake or even all green for the Hulk or how about Thors Hammer! The ideas are endless.

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Avengers Party-ware

Avengers tablecloth

First you will need the essential basic colors. Get yourself some red, white and blue tablecloths. You can find plastic ones for $1 at Dollar Tree or $.97 at Wal-mart. These are basic essentials to make your theme epic but at a reasonable price. You may be able to find red, white and blue flag tablecloths on clearance after Memorial Day, Labor Day and Fourth of July.

Avengers Cup Target Clearance

Captain America Cups – Get red paper cups 8 ct from Dollar Tree or $.97 from Wal-mart. Cut out the shield and glue to the front of the cups. Makes for a great addition to an Avengers party. The above pictured cups were ones I found at Target on clearance. Always take a look at the end caps of the partyware area and you can find some great finds.

Avengers Straws

Captain America Napkin Ring Holders – Use the same pattern of the shield and make them smaller add them to the paper rings to place around either blue or white napkins or if you can find flag napkins.

Captain America Napkins

Flag Napkins

 Avengers Plates – I was fortunate to find these Avengers plates at Target on clearance awhile back and so excited that I can now use them for my sons birthday. You can always use red, blue, white or green solid plates that can be found at Dollar Tree or Walmart that will add to your party.

Avengers Plates Target

Captain America Favor Bags

Captain America Favor Bags


Captain America Favor Bag Tutorial – These are simple and easy to make. Cost is just over $1 for 10ct. Purchase the blue favor paper bags at Dollar Tree 10ct for $1. You can either use cardstock, construction paper or printing paper to cut the strips and star or circles for the shield or other Captain America Favor bag. Check out the Captain America Favor Bag Tutorial.

 Spider-man Favor Bags

Spider-man favor bag

 Spider-man Favor Bag – All you need is 10ct paper favor bag from Dollar Tree for $1 and a black sharpie. Either construction paper or printing paper in black and white for the eyes. Check out the Spider-man Favor Bag Tutorial.

Table Decorations

Use red, white and blue Table decorations used for Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Re-purpose these and add them to your Avengers Theme party.

Avengers Table Decorations

Wall Decorations

Use red, white and blue streamers to add to the color of an Avengers theme party.

Avengers Wall Decorations

Comic Book Fans – Fold accordion style and attach ends to end with tape.

Flag Wind socks – I found some flag design wind socks

Flag Windsock



These lanterns are great to give some dimension to any party. Select colors and designs that will do well with an Avengers party like the ones shown below.

Avengers Lanterns

Avengers Super Hero Lollipops

Captain America Lollipop


Super Hero Lollipops – All you need is Tootsie roll lollipops, red, green, blue tissue paper, Blue, red, green construction paper, tape and a black sharpie. Check out the Super Hero Lollipop tutorial.

DIY Avengers Super Hero Masks

Captain America Spiderman Tutrle

Super Hero Masks

Captain America Mask – Make blue masks from felt using white felt for the A and the wings. Use thin elastic to connect ends to fit around the head. Check out the Captain America Mask Tutorial.

Captain America Mask

Iron Man Mask – Use red and Yellow felt to make the Iron Man mask.

Thor Mask – Use peach and grey felt with white elastic.

Spider-man Mask – Red felt with silver glitter paint.

Hulk Mask

Hulk Mask – Green Felt with black felt for the hair with white elastic to connect ends and fit around the kids head. Check out the Hulk Mask Tutorial.

Super Hero Accessories

Thor Hammer – Make a replica Thor Hammer out of Kleenex boxes. Paint to color or use silver duck tape for the hammer and black electric tape for the handle. See the Thor Hammer Tutorial.

photo (2)

Captain America Shield – You will need a Pizza Pan you can find these at Dollar Tree or any other Dollar Store. Nothing expensive you will cover it with red duck tap which can also be found at Dollar Tree. Use White for the white circle and then blue and white for the middle circle and star.

Captain America Shield Craft

Super Hero Bows for Girls – Let the girls have fun with their own Super Hero Hair Bows made with large ribbon.

Hulk Ninja Game

My husband either thought of this game or found it somewhere but you play Ninja, it is turn based and you can only move on your attack turn or to defend yourself. The object is to hit the other persons hand, nothing else. I have two sets of Hulk Gloves that would work perfect for this game. at least for four persons.

Captain America Shield Pinata

Captain America Shield pinata


One of the easiest Pinata’s to make. You will need a large surface box to cut 2 round circles of equal size. You will need strips on 2 1/2 inch wide, enough to circle the pinata. You will also need red, white and blue tissue paper. Check out the Captain America Shield Pinata Tutorial to make your own.

Spider-man Pinata

how to make a spider-man pinata


You can make your very own Spider-man Pinata, very simple and inexpensive to make. Check out the Spider-man Pinata Tutorial.

Avengers Food Ideas

Thor Cheese Hammers – Take cubes of cheese and add a pretzel to the end to make mini Thor hammers. Check out the simple Thor Cheese Hammer Tutorial.

Thor Cheese Hammers

Captain America Jello Cups – Make Red and Blue Jello and add cool whip in between. For effectiveness use clear glasses.

Shawarma Wraps – Shredded deli meat into tortilla wraps.

Captain America Fruit and Vegetable Shield

Captain America Fruit and Vegetable Shield

Hulk Pudding Cups – Simply take white Vanilla Pudding and drop a few green drops of food coloring into the pudding and mix well. Get some oreo cookies and crush them up and place on top for the hair. Take a black sharpie and draw dots for the eyes. Slants for the eyebrows above the eyes and a straight line beneath the eyes for the mouth.

Hulk Pudding

Help me think of some Avengers Party Ideas by leaving a comment below.

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