Barbie Zebra Party Ideas

Barbie is by far one of the most popular party themes! So why not add some pizzazz and add zebra print to your party. Most of these items you can get from Dollar Tree. Keep your party simple and inexpensive. You can have great decorations, just use your imagination there are tons of products from Dollar Tree that make your party exciting. Below you will find some Barbie Zebra Party Ideas that will inspire you.

Pink Zebra Party Dollar Tree

These Zebra print Napkins and Plates are found in the party section at Dollar Tree.

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Barbie Zebra Party Ideas

Barbie Shapes

You can get the Barbie Silhouette cut-table file here. Cut your shapes out and glue them to invitations or even pink paper favor bags also found at Dollar Tree.

barbie favor bag supplies

Instead of using a glue stick you can use double sided tape to adhere the Barbie Silhouette.

Barbie Favor Bag

Use this same Barbie Silhouette, cut tons at various sizes to attach to solid pink cups that can be found at Walmart.

Make a Banner with pink Paper Triangles with the Barbie Silhouette. Add them to picture frames to hang around the party area.

Add some Zebra Pattern balloons into the mix. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any at Dollar Tree but I found these on Amazon. (afl)

What Zebra Party Ideas have you created? Leave a comment with a picture or link or even a description of what ideas you have, I love to read about them.

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