Baseball Favor Bag Tutorial

Take me out to the Ball Game! I hear you over there singing now! These Baseball Favor Bag are super easy and fun to make into a Table or Snack decoration.


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Baseball Favor Bag Tutorial

What you Need:

  • White Lunch Bags
  • Red Thick Sharpie

How to Make:

  1. First gather all your materials. There is not that many so be sure you have them all before you begin!
  2. Lay your White Paper bag on the Table.
  3. Take your red thick sharpie and draw mirrored half moons on each side of the bag face outwards.
  4. Now take that same red thick sharpie and draw on hash marks about 1 cm from each. Start from the top and go down. Repeat this for each half moon.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the back side of the bag.

That is it! You are done.

Topic: Baseball Favor Bag Tutorial

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  1. Kristin

    I have 4 different family dollar stores around me and none of them will accept these coupons They say its because its distributed by another company and not by covergirl

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