Simple and Cheap Baseball Paper Plate Craft

Are you in need of a very cheap and simple craft for preschoolers for Lifeway’s VBS 2018 Game On theme? This Baseball Paper Plate craft is ideal for preschoolers. It is super simple and very cheap to make.


Baseball Paper Plate Craft

Baseball Paper Plate Craft

What you Need:

  • White Paper Plates (From Dollar Tree)
  • Red Marker/Permanent Marker/Crayon

How to Make:

  1. Gather all your supplies!Soccer Paper Plate Craft Supplies

Purchase a pack of white paper plates from Dollar Tree for $1. You can also purchase red markers or permanent markers from Dollar Tree as well.

Dollar Tree Paper plates

Or you can purchase 12 count Crayola Red Washable Markers on Amazon for under $8.

2. Lay your paper plate flat on the table.

3. Draw your half moons facing outwards from the center of the plate as pictured below.

Soccer Paper Plate Craft 2

4. Draw on the sewing marks evenly spacing them. I recommend you use washable markers with preschoolers or crayons. Just be patient with preschoolers doing this activity. Many are still in the process of learning how to hold a writing instrument. Also many will want to add their own creations to their baseball.

Soccer Paper Plate Craft

5. Be sure to label on the back with the child’s name.

That is it! You are done! Or they are done!

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