Batman LEGO Pinata Tutorial

Batman Pinata

Batman LEGO Pinata Tutorial

What you Need:

– Cardboard box (I used Christmas gift boxes)

– Packaging Tape

– Bungee Cord

– Black Tissue paper (at least 5 Black sheets)

– Tan and yellow tissue paper

– 5 Black Pipe Cleaners (Optional)


How to Make:

1. Eyeball your design! I know this is not popular and you are probably looking for a pattern but honestly I eyeballed each area of the Batman LEGO starting with the middle chest area. I made that shape first so I could see how big I needed to make the legs. Then I made the head last and then added the arms.

Batman Lego pinata shapes

2. Starting with the body it is a shape of a trapezoid with the top being smaller than the bottom. I then used the strips about 2 ½ inches wide and taped along the edges making them connect all the way around until they were completely enclosed. I did not stuff them with tissue paper or anything to keep the shape. I am not putting the Piñata goodies in the legs and it is ok with me if they get smashed first.

batman lego pinata torso

3. The Torso will hold the goodies. Put together as you did the legs but leave an opening at the top if you are not ready to fill just yet.

batman torso
4. To make the head, I took the top of a gift box, trimmed off the edges and then made it into a cylinder and taped together, I cut the bottom at every 2 inches about 3 inches up and then folded all the flaps inward to make flat and taped down.The top of the head I eyeballed again to make the bat like ears on each side and rounded top in between on front and back.
5. I used more cardboard to make the top of the head. I used a bungee cord and poked thru the hole and taped down. Tape inside the head.
6. Use black tissue paper to cover the torso, legs, arms and hands. I made my Batman to be movable so I added pipe cleaners to attach each piece to the torso so they can be moved.

batman lego black
7. Use tan tissue to make the mouth area using a Black sharpie to draw on the mouth.

batman lego black face
8. Cut out eyes and glue onto the face. I made my nose more 3D and took a piece of cardboard and cut a triangle and covered with black tissue paper and attached to the face.

9. I took yellow duck tape and put a strip at the bottom of the torso and colored with a black sharpie the belt.


That is it! You are done!
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