Batman Party Invitation Tutorial


Batman Party Invitation Tutorial

Below you will find what supplies you will need as well as step by step instructions on how to make Batman Party Invitations.

What you Need:

– Black, Yellow, White Cardstock

– Scissors/Cutting Machine

– Double sided Tape/Glue


How to Make:

1. First you will need to cut out all the shapes for the invitations. The shapes can be found in the Moms Saving Money Store.

2. I recommend using the print and cut feature on the Silhouette Cameo to print your wording first and then cut the shapes.

3. Place your white back onto the black base.

4. Add the yellow oval on the front of the black base.

5. Add the black batman symbol on the front of the yellow oval.

That’s It! You are done!

Topic: Batman Party Invitation Tutorial

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