Big Hero 6 Party Ideas

Big Hero 6 Party Ideas

From the creators of Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen comes an all new Disney Animation called Big Hero 6 designed after a Marvel Comic.

Can't find Big Hero 6 Party Decorations at a reasonable cost? You came to the right place! If you are looking for inexpensive easy ideas you can make quickly to make an epic Big Hero 6 Party here are some great ideas you can make on your own.

Make your Big Hero 6 Birthday Party customized with these suggestions below without the high cost.

Big Hero 6 Party Ideas


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Big Hero 6 Invitations

Baymax Invitations

Baymax Invitations -You can make either Baymax Marshmallow type invitations as pictured above or you can make the Baymax Mask invitations like the ones below.

Using Red, White and Black cardstock you can make Baymax Red Mask Invitations to build excitement to your Big Hero 6 Party.


Bymax Invitation Red

Big Hero 6 Party-ware

Big Hero 6 cups

Baymax Cups - Take Red paper cups that you can find at Dollar Tree for 8ct for $1. If you plan ahead you can find red paper cups on clearance after Christmas for the fraction of the cost. (My kind of shopping!) I used White paper cups as shown above and used a black sharpie and drew on the eyes to make Baymax. Either way makes for a great addition to a Big Hero 6 birthday party.

Baymax Plates - Take White Party plates and instead of writing or gluing on the black for his eyes on the front of the plate, turn the plate over and glue or draw them on the back. Lay them facing down around your party table to give the effect of Baymax. These are so simple and easy to make. You can get 20ct white dinner paper plates for $1 at Dollar Tree. Use either black construction paper or a black sharpie.

Baymax Napkins - Use White napkins you can 24ct for $1 at Dollar Tree and wrap them around the plasticware as you would normally and tie them with white or red ribbon. Draw on them the black eyes with the permanent marker. Beware the marker will bleed through the napkin so be careful.

You can also grab some red napkins and tie as normal and add the mask from cardstock as your napkin holder!


Baymax Favor Bags (Baymax Loot Bags)

Baymax Favor Bag

Take red paper favor bags, you can get a 10 pack at Dollar Tree for a $1 or $.33 each at Wal-mart. Using white  cardstock you can add the necessary parts to make the mask. You can also use White paper bags found in the snack bags in the grocery isle. Just use black cardstock to cut the circles or make it a bit easier and draw them with a black sharpie.

Honey Lemon Favor Bags

After watching the Big Hero 6 over and over, I realized we can make some fashionable Honey Lemon favor bags for the girl guests of your party.

Baymax Masks - Use red and white felt. The eyes will be cut out as the black part so no need for them. All you will need to do is draw a black line in the middle. Take a yellow or gold paper bag and add purple hearts on each side. Add a purple bear face to the one side and add a bead string for a handle.

Honey Lemon Accessories

Yellow Hair Band - Make these easy Yellow Hair bands that resemble the ones Honey Lemon wears in Big Hero 6.

Pink Glasses - Honey Lemon also wears big pink glasses.

Big Hero 6 Wall Decorations

Baymax Christmas Ornaments - Use White or Clear Christmas Ornaments

baymax balloons

Baymax Balloons

Photo credit - unable to be found yahoo image search

Big Hero 6 Party Games

Balloon Animals - This is a must. Either learn how to make your own by watching You Tube videos or find someone who can make them for you because this will be an absolute hit for any kids party.

Food Ideas

baymax Big hero 6 

Big Hero 6 Marshmallow Treat - You will need 1 Jumbo Marshmallow, 5 Regular size and toothpicks to pull these cool treats off!

Big Hero 6 Cupcakes - Make cupcakes as directed according to package. Take White frosting and cover the top. Take Cool Whip and lather a clump and add a Jumbo Marshmallow to the top.

baymax cake

Baymax Cake

Picture credit - The Baking Sheet

Baymax Popcorn Balls - Take popped popcorn and melt some marshmallows and make your popcorn balls. While they are still warm slightly place in your chocolates for the eyes.

Check out the Big Hero 6 Recipes

baymax cake pops

Baymax Cake pops

Picture Credit -

Baymax Accessories

Baymax Masks - Use Red, purple and white cardstock to make your Baymax Masks, boys love these.

Big Hero 6 Thank You Card

Big Hero 6 Pinata

Baymax Pinata DIY

In keeping with the awesome theme you can easily make Big Hero 6 Pinata by either taking a balloon and using paper mache to cover it or you can use a cardboard box (my favorite) and shape it accordingly to Big Hero 6 head. I like to use Christmas boxes because they are thick and sturdy enough to withstand several kids but thin enough to manipulate. Check out Baymax Pinata tutorial.

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