BLU Pinata for a RIO Theme Party – DIY

Blu Pinata - Rio Theme Party

Blu Pinata for a RIO Theme Party

Make your own Blu Pinata. What a hard party this was to decorate for when I was unable to find party decorations for the Rio Theme. Made everything from scratch for very little. You too will be glad with these easy Rio Theme ideas including creating your very own “Blu” Pinata.

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Blu Rio Cup

What you Need:

– Gift Boxes

– Packaging Tape

– Various Blue shades of Tissue paper

– Black Tissue Paoer

– Bungee Cord

– Blue Feathers

– Black Pipe Cleaners


How to Make:

1. First take your cardboard gift box and flatten the sides. Take the top and curve it into the bodice of the blue macaw and tape well. You will need to make slits to make the body wider and thinner accordingly.

2. To make the head fold the bottom piece of the box and draw the shape of your head you want. Tape the open edges using packaging tape. Take your pencil and open the neck area and stuff with tissue paper. Color does not matter.

4. Glue on blue tissue paper to the head and smooth out. You may need to double layer.

5. Create the beak in two pieces. Cut them and tape the side you don’t want open. I recommend you cover the top and bottom with black tissue paper both inside and outside before attaching them to the rest of the head.

6. Attach the head to the bodice using tape. Make sure it is attached well, you will cover up the tape in a later step.

7. Puncture a whole to snake through the bungee loop. Take the bungee and tie making a loop as a handle. Be sure to tape it down from the inside of the bodice.


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