Blue’s Clues Cups Tutorial

Blues clues cup tutorial

Blue’s Clues Cups Tutorial


What you Need:

– Blue Cups

– Blue paper matching cups

– Dark Blue paper for spots

– Optional googly eyes

– Glue

– Optional Pipe Cleaner

blues clues cup supplies

How to Make:

1. Cut out all your shapes for the cup. The Blue’s Clues shapes are the same as the invitations. You cut download the free blues-clues-invitationjpeg file here.

2. Take your Cup and use tape or glue and attach your ears.
Blues Clues Cup Tutorial step 1

3. Attach Blue’s nose.
Blues Clues Cup Tutorial step 2

4. Attach Blue’s spots.
Blues Clues Cup Tutorial step 3

That is it! You are done!

You can add a handle and make them into little goody baskets using a Blue or white pipe cleaner.

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