Blue’s Clues Mailbox Tutorial

mailbox blues clues

Blue’s Clues Mailbox Tutorial

What you Need:

– 3 Purple Sheets of paper/cardstock

– Tape

– Brad Bead

– Red, White, Black sheet of paper


How to Make:

1. Use purple construction paper. You will need 3 sheets 8 1/2 by 11.

2. Use one to bend for the top of the mailbox.

3. Use one sheet fold in half and cut to make 2 5 1/2 by 8 1/2.

4. Cut these two sheets with curve at top for the front and back of the Mailbox.

5. Fold and cut the other sheet of paper and use one for the bottom.

6. Now to tape your pieces together. The easiest is to start with the top and bottom.

7. Tape one side of the top to the bottom of the mailbox and continue to the next bottom side.

8. Tape the front and back to the bottom. Make sure not to tape the front at the top so you can open it up.

9. Taken from the scraps but out the Tabs for the opening of the Mailbox.

10. Cut out the eyes and the mouth and don’t forget the flag and attach all pieces to the mailbox.

11. You can use a brad bead to allow the flag to lift up and down to show for mail.

This is awesome to use for all birthday cards to be placed in for the party.

That is it! You are done!

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