Bubble Decoration Ideas – Submerged

Under Water Bubble Decoration Ideas for Submerged VBS 2016

Here are a few ideas that you can use to make under water bubble decorations for your VBS.

1. Christmas Ornaments

These Christmas Ornaments were part of a big container from Target that had 60 in the box. 12 of each color. I got them on Clearance after Christmas for $1.50 for the entire box. Pictured are the blue only. I really like the glitter because walking down the hallway they sparkle!


2. Clear Plastic Desert Plates

You can find the desert plastic plates for $1 for 8 count at Dollar Tree. Simple and inexpensive way to make some bubbles. Either  tape on fishing wire to hang or tape them directly to the walls. These will make great bubbles.

Submerged Bubbles

3. Plastic Storage Bags

Get a pack of Sandwich bags from Dollar Tree and cut out some circles. Tape these directly to the walls. Make a bubble mark in a corner to make them stand out a bit more.

4. Paper Plate Circles

Simple right? Yes they are! Get various shades of blue construction paper or paper plates or card stock and cut different sizes of circles add a bubble mark in the corner and either add fishing line to hand from the ceiling or tape them directly to the walls. Even the children can help you make these!

paper plate bubble submerged

5. Clear or White Balloons

Very simple! The hard part is going out of the way to find the clear balloons. You can find white at Dollar Tree or Walmart but the clear balloons you will need to go to a craft or party store to get them. Don’t forget an air pump or you can fill them with helium. If you do helium, wait till the first day of VBS so they last all week and your participants can take one home at the end of the week.



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