Budget Savvy Easter Baskets




Budget Savvy Easter Baskets

I have 3 kids plus 2 nephews and a niece to shop for Easter Baskets.

My sister and I go in together to put all six baskets together so here is something we recommend for the Budget Savvy Person.

We don’t have the ability or means to spend more than $10 on each and would love to spend less if we could.

Last year we bought each a basket and a canvas bag. The canvas bag is for the Easter Egg hunts we will go to before Easter. On Easter Sunday or whatever day we will celebrate with both families is when they will get their baskets.

We saved the baskets from last year to reuse for this year and since the kids all still have their canvas bags we will do the same so no costs their.

So Tip #1 – Get a plastic sturdy basket they can use for multiple years and just save it.

Tip #2 – When it comes to the plastic eggs keep them and reuse each year and when storing them put the smaller ones inside the bigger ones. Comforter Bags are great to store the plastic eggs.

Tip #3 – Shop Dollar Tree and the Dollar Isles at Target and Walmart.

Tips #4 – For older kids get them items that are practical but still fun. (My niece is 17 and is going to college but still lives at home and as far as my sister is concerned she will always be her baby girl and will still get an Easter Basket) My mother in-law would still give her kids Gift Cards in a Easter Basket as her kids went to college. See never to old for an Easter Basket just modified to the age.

Tip $5 – The hubby and I are avid readers so we encourage reading and every year we give the kids a book. We typically get these from Dollar Tree or when Target has their Dollar items go on clearance we pick them up. So this year all 6 kids will get books for their age and I only spent $3.

Tip #6 – For Smaller boys the hard plastic/rubber animals are always a big hit. Wal-mart keeps expanding their collection. The Little princess is getting Princess figurines! Dollar Tree has Hula Hoops for $1 small and big ones and so that is the big item the kids will be getting.

Tip #7 – FREE or almost FREE Toothbrushes! We change out the toothbrushes every few months and this is the best time to do it. We typically do Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Beginning of Summer and New School year if we remember! See how you can score kids toothbrushes for FREE.

Tip #8 – Gift Cards are great but make sure you add other items like candy or even oven mitts for girls or boys or even tools.

Tip #9 – As far as Candy Walgreens has tons of sales you can get candy for very cheap after coupons.

Tip #10 – Don’t Waste your money on those pre-made store baskets, make your own personalized for cheaper.

Tip #11 – Plan ahead for the following year and purchase the grass for pennies and egg dye as well.

Tip #12 – Don’t forget if you are hiding and will dye real eggs Bake them don’t boil. You can do more at once. I recommend 30 mins at 400 degrees if you are doing more than 2 dozen at a time.


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