Can You Truly Live Without a Microwave?

Moving brings new challenges and I’ve already spoke about Why I like Netflix! Our last place had a built in Microwave so this past January when we made a trip to GA to bringa family closer to us to have a fresh start they had nothing.

They found jobs and a place to live but had limited its so we gave them what we could including lamps, trash can, clothing, blankets and a microwave. We weren’t using it and it had been collecting dust so we gave it away to them.

Now that we moved our new kitchen is much smaller and has less storage so I will be posting a series on creative ways to work with a small kitchen and still be a wise couponer!

We don’t have a built in microwave nor would there be room to put a built one in. So we have lived here almost a month and yes we have survived thus far without a microwave but its very challenging.

1. I Like the convience a microwave has for defrosting!

2. Frozen foods you can zap real quick I miss! Most of the time it is for foods that I fix for myself when the kids have other plans or are at school but the good thing of not having a microwave is I am eating healthier and its making me have to plan out my meals.

3. I miss warming up a cup of water. You when you get a craving for a cup of hot chocolate, well I do and I miss having the ability to make one cup of warm water to do just that. I don’t like having to keep a pot out and wash it each time I need some water warmed! I miss being able to do the Mac & Cheeese cups for my one son who loves noodles but again we are eating healthier because of it.

4. I miss being able to warm up left overs quickly. This is my biggest stress. The food is already cooked it just needs to be warmed. In a pan or oven it takes just as long as if I was cooking it all over again. I miss it!

Once we get settle and get back on track we will get a microwave because of the convience it offers.

Could you live without a Microwave? What other appliance could you NOT live without?


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  1. Anna johnson

    IF I had to, but if not, i dont think i would survive very well with out one , Ive gone with out TV radio etc but never with out a microwave .. knock on wood… hope you get settled soon thanks for the post

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