Captain America Favor Bag

Captain America Favor Bags

Captain America Favor Bag

What you Need:

  • Red Favor Bags
  • Blue, White, Red Construction Paper or Card Stock
  • Glue ore double sided tape
  • Cutting Machine or scissor for manual cutting

How to Make:

Step 1

First you will need to get your Captain America Shapes. You can get the FREE Captain America Shield Pattern shapes here. The File downloads as a zip file. You will need to unzip the compressed file to use the files on a cutting machine or print out. Make sure to separate the layers with “To Each Its Own.”

Captain America Party Invite

Step 2

Once you have your shapes cut out you will need to get your red favor bags. You can purchase these at Dollar Tree for 10 count for $1. They can be found in the party section of the store.

Step 3

Glue the star in the center.

Step 4

Glue the white base and the red stripes.


That is it! You are done!


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