How to Make Captain America Shield Invitations

Captain America shield invites



How to Make Captain America Shield Invitations

Wow your friends and family with these personalized Captain America Party Invitations. A little extra effort goes a long way!

What you Need:

– Scrapbooking Tape or Glue

– Red, White, Blue Cardstock

– Scissors or Cutting Machine (i.e. Silhouette Cameo or Cricut)


How to Make:

1. First you need to determine the number of invites you need to make, this will help determine the number of each shape you can cut on each sheet of paper.

2. Lets start with the shapes you need. First you will need 4 sizes of circles varying in 1/2 inch difference. You will also need a star that fits within the smallest circle.

3. Your largest circle will be your white backing and base. This circle should not be any bigger than 4 1/2 inches depending on the size of your envelopes.

4. Next you will cut 2 rims out of red. The first will be as big as the base with a 1/4 inch inner diameter ring. You will then have a second rim that starts about 1/4 inch from the first rim allowing about 1/4 inch rim of white to show through.

5. The last circle you will need to cut is blue that is the base for the star. This circle should fit just inside the smaller red rim.

6. Lastly you will cut out the white Star.


(These shapes can be cut easily with a Cricut Machine or Silhouette Cameo)


Not a Free hand type person! Don’t worry I got you covered you can find the shapes here that I use to cut out my Captain America Shield Invitations Pattern Shapes.


Putting it all together!

1. First start with the white base. If you are printing party information you can do so by using the print and cut option on the silhouette cameo or first printing out your info and then tracing your circle around the text.

2. Add glue or scrapbooking tape to the back of the largest red rim and adhering it to the white base.

3. Then add glue or scrapbooking tape to the back of the second red rim and adding that to your white base. Be sure to keep 1/4 inch in diameter to allow the white to show through.

4. Apply glue or scrapbooking tape  to the blue circle. Add the blue circle within the second red rim.

5. Apply glue or scrapbooking to the white star. Center your white star within the blue circle.

That’s It! You are Done!


Don’t forget to personalize your Captain America Shield Invitations. Be sure to check out other birthday party decoration tutorials.

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