Captain America Shield Pinata

Check out this awesome Captain America Shield Pinata. This time last year my son wanted a Minion theme party and that was insane because at the time there wasn’t any decorations so I had to make my own. This year I am pleased with his decision of Avengers theme. There are so many possibilities. I set a budget of $50 and that includes the food and gift so I am always limited with the amount left over to spend on decorations. Therefore I make my own and my kids have come to enjoy my decorations. They know that make the decorations just for them and each party is unique.

We have to have a pinata at our birthday parties and since this is Avengers I thought it would be fitting to make Captain America Shield into a pinata.


Awesome Captain America Shield Pinata TutorialCaptain America Shield pinata

What you Need:

– Cardboard

– White, red and blue tissue paper

– Glue

– Packaging tape

– Bungee cord

– Pencil


How to Make:

1. First take your cardboard and make sure you have two pieces that are large enough to make the front and back on the shield. You will use your pencil and draw a circle, make sure both pieces are the exact same size.

2. Cut out your circles.

3. You will then need to cut 2 inch width strips of cardbaord this is the depth for the pinata. Start taping them around the circle. Make sure to leave the opening for candy and toys.

4. Add the top circle to the base and tape securely.

5. Take your bungee cord and make a small whole at the top of the pinata and pass it thru. Make sure to tape it down and secure. This is your loop to hang the pinata from.

6. Cover the entire pinata with White tissue paper and tape down.

7. Take your red tissue paper and cut it in strips. You will then cut slits every cm to the end of the strip.

8. Glue down in a circle on the front of the pinata.

9. Cut a circle for the middle and glue down.

10. Cut a white star that fits within the blue circle to make the effect of the shield.

That is it! You are done!

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