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Car Ride Schedule – Car Hack for Parents

Are you drained from the unnecessary drama of your children arguing over who’s turn it is to sit in the front or in the middle? I made this handy Car Ride Schedule when one of my children had hurt feelings over not getting as much time in the front seat or who they got to sit next to in the back. 

It was unnecessary drama and made getting kids to school ever so challenging. I have 3 of my own and I also take another child with us to school. Of course everyone wants to sit next to their friend that is not their sibling!

I have a hard time remember who did what last so this schedule came about. We still have some drama on occasion but now all of them can see for themselves the equal amount of time each spends sitting in different seats. 

We have a rotation! 2 of the 4 can sit in the front while the other 2 are still in booster seats in the back. It took some doing but we managed to get a routine going.

So if you desire to print out your very own Car Ride Schedule you can find the FREE printable below. Keep in mind I only use this schedule for school days and not the weekend when it doesn’t seem to bother any of them who sits where. Feel free to take the idea and make it your own to fit your needs. Take into account No School days and holidays.

Hope this helps you out and eliminates the unnecessary drama and arguments between kids.


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