Cardboard Jeep Tutorial


Cardboard Jeep Tutorial

Need a wow Decoration great for Photo shoots? Create your own Cardboard Jeep with a few simple supplies at  low cost. Great addition to your VBS Theme Journey off the Map.

Help with the excitement with kids.

What you Need:

– Cardboard boxes

– Packaging Tape

– Red, black plastic tablecloths


How to Make:

First I started with our toy wagon as my starting size for the base. Have lots of cardboard on hand you can ask just about anyone, friends, family and neighbors.

I used office paper boxes.

Step 1

First take your box and form it over the front or what will be the front of the jeep.

Step 2

Then take another box and make your base around the wagon. Use your packaging tape to hold boxes in place as you secure the boxes in their needed place.

Step 3

I placed a second coat of cardboard boxes all the way around and secured with packaging tape to make them very secure.

Step 4

Cover the cardboard jeep with red tablecloth.

Step 5

Cover the necessary areas in black tablecloth securing with glue and tape.

That is it! You are done!

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