How to change a Door Knob in 5 mins.

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How to change a Door Knob in 5 mins.

I have been doing some repairs and replacing things around the home. We are renting and I didn’t notice to begin with that some of the door knobs to the bedrooms and closets are missing pieces. They could be dangerous but our kids have not hurt themselves from those but other things in the home.

So I started with the bathroom counter that was bright orange and is now black. Makes the bathroom look more updated to me at least, anyways the bathroom door knob does not lock correctly and furthermore one part of the handle is missing a piece. It still works for the most part so I did drop by The Restore Store and got me a $3 dollar knob and fixed that one. There are still other door knobs still needing to be replaced but I’m going one room at a time.

I’m trying to get rid of our excess because we really need to live more simple lives. We aren’t hoarders but you may think we are but not anything like the TV show hoarders, not like that but we can live without half the stuff we have.

We really have a hard time letting go of old cords to clothes that don’t fit and I’m trying to change all of that.

Ok back to the door knob! I needed to replace a door knob with key lock. So if you are in the market you can find a nice heavy duty one at Family Dollar for $10.25. The same one at Walmart is $14.98.

So here’s the trick to replace a Door knob in 5 mins. HAVE Everything you need with you!

Did you catch that? Have everything you need like a good screw driver, the new door knob you are installing, scissors to open the package and a trash bag to put the old one in. Consider donating your old one to a hardware store they can use them for parts.

Ok now you are ready to go. It’s very helpful to take a picture of your current old door knob on the door before you replace so you know how exactly it went. Why? because each door is not like another and the lock will be on one side and the opposite handle will be on the other so use your picture as an easy reference.

Now of course the directions are in the new package!

So now unscrew the old door knob and take it off, make sure to keep all the screws and pieces together and place in trash bag or box whatever you are doing with it.

Now open the package to the new door knob and place it on the door. Be sure all your screws line up and tighten.

You’re done! I know it took me 7 mins. because I did not have everything with me to begin with so I’m sure you can do it in 5 if you have all your materials to start!

Thanks for reading!

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