Charlie Brown Tablecloth Tutorial

Charlie Brown Tablecloth

Charlie Brown Tablecloth

This is an easy step by step instructions with pictures on how to make a Charlie Brown Tablecloth for your special party. Below you will find your supplies needed. This Charlie Brown Tablecloth is so simple and does not require much of anything. Your cost will be around $2.

What you Need:
– Yellow plastic tablecloth
– Black construction paper or plastic tablecloth or Black streamer
– Double Sided Tape
How to Make:
Step 1
Lay your yellow tablecloth down on the table. Make sure to get all the air bubbles out. Depending where you have your party if at outside you may want to tape it down to the table.
Step 2
Cut your black plastic tablecloth or construction paper in a Chevron pattern to glue to the tablecloth. I made it simple and quick by using black streamer purchased at Dollar Tree. I cut even size strips and used double sided tape to tape to the middle of the tablecloth my chevron pattern.
Step 3
Make sure the Chevron is securely attached. Make sure the Chevron is visible when you go to put your party-ware items on the table.
That is it! You are done!
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