Chocolate Minion Spoons #recipe

minion spoons

Chocolate Minion Spoons #recipe

These are Great Despicable Me Chocolate Minion Spoons if they come out well for you! Below you will find the supplies you need as well as step by step instructions on how to make Chocolate Minion Spoons.


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What you Need:

– Blue Plastic Spoons

– Yellow Chocolate Chips

– Chocolate melter

– Black Frosting

– Plastic sandwich bag


How to Make:

Step 1

First take your chocolate chips and place them in the melter and continue to stir until smooth.

minion chocolate spoons Chocolate chips melted

Step 2

Dip your Blue plastic spoons one by one into the chocolate.

Step 3

Allow to harden before drawing the face with black frosting. I place it in the plastic sandwich bag and make a hole in the corner very tiny. I have better control this way.

You can add white pellets like I did from Christmas sprinkles as well as added silver glitter frosting to make the silver goggle look.

That’s it! You are Done!

Topic: Chocolate Minion Spoons #recipe

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