Chorizo with Eggs and Tortillas!

Chorizo with Eggs and Tortillas!

So one of the meals my mother would make us for breakfast was Chorizo with Eggs and potatoes. She also made homemade torillas which I still need to learn!

So since I am not the savvy cook like my Mother or Sister are here is my version.

I bought Chorizo from Walmart pictured¬†above and added egg and small diced cubed potatoes and cooked until it looked done. Don’t ask me how to know when its done because I don’t know how to tell it just looks done!

I then warmed up some tortillas to make borittos out of the chorizo, egg and potatoes. If I knew how to make tortillas I might do that next time but this was a meal for me. My kids had hotdogs, oranges and salad.

Hope you enjoy reading this. Thanks for sharing a memory with me from my childhood.

Topic: Chorizo with Eggs and Tortillas!

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