Cookie Monster Cupcake Recipe

cookie monster cupcake recipe

Cookie Monster Cupcake Recipe

What you Need:

– Cake Mix

– Frosting

– Cool Whip

– Marshmallows

– Raisins

– Chocolate chip Cookies


How to Make:

1. Follow the directions on the box to make Cupcakes. I added an extra egg and some butter to make it more homemade.

2. As the cupcakes bake get your frosting out and add two scoops of cool whip and mix. Add blue food coloring to the frosting as desired.

3. Once the Cupcakes are finished and cooled apply the blue frosting to the tops of each.

4. Split a Large Marshmallow into 2. Use one half for each eye.

5. Take a Raisin and dip into the frosting slightly and place on marshmallow eye.

6. Break a Chocolate Cookie in half and place below the eyes. You will need to put moderate pressure to keep it in place.

You are done! Enjoy!


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