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Cue Cards for Life Review

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What an awesome Review I was given the chance to do. We talk everyday online, texting, email, and face to face, however with how our culture has change we rarely get the face to face interaction which we are reminded how less we understand appropriate ways to interact with each other.

Christina Steinorth author of Cue Cards for Life Gentle Reminders for Better Relationships is a wonderful book that helps remind us why and how to effectively communicate without the Mother Hen nagging of how we are communicating incorrectly. Steinorth actually has a gentle non threatening way for  the reader be reminded of effective communication.

Sometimes the gentle reminders are worth more than a nagging word or arguments from a spouse, parent or friend. Our culture has moved far away from teaching how to interact with one another and its great to see great communication being taught.

If you want to learn to be closer to your parents, spouse, friends and your kids then pick up a copy of this book your life will be changed and you will feel like you are participating in their lives not just living your own path besides theirs.

I have to admit sometimes it is very difficult to look someone in the eye and truly listen, talk and understand one another when we are all caught up in our electronics. Steinorth offers wonderful insight and advice how to just stop and focus on active listening, active talking and truly being interested and acknowledging each other.

You can get your copy on Amazon here – Cue Cards for Life: Gentle Reminders for Better Relationships

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