Agency D3 VBS 2014 Decoration Ideas

Agency D3 VBS 2014 Evidence Manilla folders

Agency D3 VBS 2014 Decoration Ideas

This is going to be awesome!

Evidence/Confidential Folders/Envelopes

Take Manilla folders, Cut out the word “EVIDENCE” of “CONFIDENTIAL” or you can use a red marker and glue or write on your folder or envelope. Very cheap and easy to make. You can find a pack of ten Manilla folders or Envelopes at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree also has red sharpie markers construction paper.

Security Check

VBS D3 Security Check


Footprints – Agency D3

Footprints Agency D3 VBS 2014

Take black cardstock and cut out shoe prints and place them on the wall or floor for detective effects to add to the theme.

Signs Agency D3 VBS 2014

Beaker Agency D3 VBS 2014

Spyglass – Agency D3

Spy Glass Agency D3

Cut out several Spy glasses and add to the wall. You can cut out extra and use fishing wire to hang them from the ceiling in the classrooms as well as the hallways.

Secret Agent Wall Decoration

Agency D3 Promotional wall

Simple. Take Yellow Paper and cover a wall. Cut out some foot prints and beakers. Use plastic tablecloths or plastic bags to fill the beakers! Cut out some spy glasses and use some of the the Agency D3 Posters. Great way to do a HUGE promotion.


Test Tube

Take clear wedding bubble tubes 8ct from Dollar Tree and empty with top removed. Make sure to dry them out. Take construction paper like neon green, blue, red, fusha or any colors you like. Roll the construction paper and cut to size and insert in the tube. Add some stuffing to the top to make the fissile over flowing look.

wedding bubbles


Magnify Glasses

Take Ce-ran wrap or window plastic sealer, Popsicle sticks, Black construction paper and black paint. First paint the popsicle sticks black on both sides. Cutout the circle for the magnify base and glue the end to the Popsicle stand. Use double sided tape to attach the plastic to the glass base. These are fun and easy. They are not meant to last longer than the week.

Agency D3 Lab Wall

Lab Wall Design – Take Silver tablecloth from Dollar Tree and tape to the walls. Take black streamers and cut strips and tape to the backdrop and make the design. Simple and cheap.

Agency D3 surveillance camera

Surveillance Cameras – Are these genius or what. Kuddos to the creator because I would not have thought of this. Take a black square shaped paper plate from Dollar Tree, Black Plant container and 2 stiro phone cups (large) and attach using black duck tape. Spray paint with black.


Agency D3 table centerpiece


Paper Towel Clearance Centerpieces

I thought these were very clever and very easy. They got the tissue paper that you would use in fast food restraunts in bulk and then got a roll of paper towels and stood them up in the middle and then made an Agency D3 sign to place in the middle held by a clip. Printed confidential on yellow paper and taped around the paper towel roll.

Agency D3 computer table Agency D3 Snack Machine Agency D3 Bio Hazard Agency D3 Evidence Vault


Evidence Vault – Take Silver tablecloth outline with black streamer for the door. Take a Pie bowl small and 3 sheets of paper and roll each one and tape with duck tape. Staple in the middle and use black or silver ribbon and tie the paper rolls to the bowl to make the vault handle.

Agency D3 atom Agency D3 Computer Monitor Agency D3 Stage Agency D3 hallway Agency D3 Security Camera




Bio Hazard Department

Can’t have a Agency headquarters without having a Bio Hazard Section. We took our Library that has a glass window door and added bright green paper and put it on the back and then made a bio hazard sign to place on the outside.


Now that you have taken a look at Agency D3 Pictures and almost done with your VBS week start planning on 2015 now. Think of ways to make it better and find ways to decorate on the cheap. Check out Lifeways 2015 Journey off the Map Theme.

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