Daily Backpack – Vacation Bible School Idea

Daily backpack Journey off the map

Daily Backpack

One thing I wished we had last year in our class was to have some type of bag that the kids could take their items from the day home in and be easy to carry. These were made with Journey off the Map Vacation Bible School Theme in mind but can easily be used for a Back to School theme or any birthday party favor bag.

You can find all these items at Dollar Tree. The paper bags come in a pack of 50. Dollar Tree also have 10ct favor bags in the colors of green, blue, yellow, red, purple and pink. For $4 you can get the supplies needed and make 50. That averages the cost out to $.08 each. So you may need to make 1 for each kid for each day since they will probably not bring them back the next day.

What you Need:

– Brown Lunch sack

– Glue or double sided tape

– Scrapbooking paper or Construction paper

– Scissors


How to Make:

Step 1 (Daily Backpack)

Cut out your straps, belt and belt latch. Trace the length of the bag on your printed paper for the top bag flap and cut out.

Step 2 (Daily Backpack)

Lay your Paper bag flat with bottom fold facing up. Fold each strap on each end about 3/4 inches and glue or tape those flaps to the bag. Make sure they look symmetrical.

Step 3 (Daily Backpack)

Take the top bag flap and glue that to the top of the bag on the same side of the straps. Remember you will be folding this down so make sure your rounded edge is facing the top.

Step 4 (Daily Backpack)

Fold your top Flap over leaving about 1/2 in on the backside with the straps. Turn your bag over and glue your belt to the top flap. Then add a bit of glue to the belt latch on each end and press down at the desired place to hold down the belt latch. Open up the bag and set it open and re-shut the top flap and belt into the belt latch so it stands up.

That is it! You are done!

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