Day 4 – Jesus Saw a Blind Man

John 9
Today’s Point: Jesus knows my purpose.
Jesus was traveling with His disciples when they came upon a man who was
born blind. The disciples asked Jesus, “Who sinned, the man or his parents?” Jesus
responded that neither had sinned, and the man’s purpose was for others to see
God work through the man. Jesus explained as long as He walked the earth, He
would be the light of the world.
Next, Jesus spat on the ground and made mud!
Jesus put mud on the blind man’s eyes and told him to go wash his eyes in a
pool of water. The man did what Jesus said, and when he returned, the man
wasn’t blind anymore! Jesus had healed him!
People that knew the blind man couldn’t believe he had been healed. The man
tried to convince them of who he was. The man explained Jesus had healed him
from his blindness.
The Pharisees weren’t happy that Jesus had performed a miracle on the day of
Sabbath. The Sabbath was for resting and no work was to be done.
The Jews asked his parents who admitted their son had been healed of blindness.
When the Jews tried to question the parents about what had happened, they
didn’t want to talk. They kept saying, “Ask our son, he’s old enough to talk for
himself.” The blind man’s parents were afraid they would get in trouble if they
talked about Jesus, because the Jews were angry with Him.
The blind man who could now see was called in front of the Jews again, and
they asked him to call Jesus a sinner. He said, “I don’t know if He has sinned or
not, I just know I can see now!” The men continued to question the healed man.
He responded, “I know God doesn’t listen to sinners. I know that if I fear God, He
will listen to me when I am in His will. No one has ever been healed of blindness
before now, but I have. This man must be of God!” The Jews didn’t like the man
preaching to them, so they threw him out!
When Jesus heard about what had happened, He went to visit the man. Jesus
asked the healed man if he believed in the Son of God. The man replied, “If I
knew who He is, then I would. Who is He?” Jesus revealed to the man that He was
the Son of God. The man said, “I believe,” then he worshiped Jesus.


  1. Roberta M.

    I’d like for my daughter to have this because she usually gets together with her friends and they all cook LOADS of food! She could see that you don’t need to go to so much trouble to have a good time watching the game with friends!

  2. I would probably pay it forward by sending it with my daughter to the local football games. She is in the band and has to attend each game. Being on a low-carb diabetic diet, I am restricted to what I can have, so it would give me great pleasure to see the prize used to save these kids money at the concession stand.

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