Day 5: piñata is almost done and now onto the food!


So what kind of Food items can I serve for a Power Rangers Samurai Birthday Party.

My sister is making the cake. She got cake mixes for $.25 at a local grocery store near here awhile back so no need to buy cake mixes.

I was sure I would need to buy some eggs for the cake and milk. But guess what when I was at BlogHer I was given some coupons for different products and I even got some from other frugal bloggers. I don’t remember exactly if I won or whom gave me these coupons but they are for FREE dozen. I had 2 of them so I was excited. Now I don’t need to worry about eggs.

The past 4 days I have been putting a list of items that I think I need to purchase. As the days have been going by I have been able to cross off items that I have found around my house.

I told you I had found 2 FREE coupons from Kroger 1 for Free Frozen Vegetables and the other for 1 free pourable dressing.

So after much thought I decided on getting broccoli and cauliflower since its cost more than the carrots I originally was going to get.

Well I have been purging alot of items from our house in hopes to live a more simple and less cluttered life so I purged coupons today. You see I only clip those that I will use and the rest go towards giveaways and classes I teach. Well I found 2 more FREE coupons 1 for 1lb bag of baby carrots and 1 Kraft Dressing.

I also thought of an idea that since Samurai ‘s eat alot of noodles I can take the Manchuran noodles and divide them into smaller cups. Keep in mind this party is mid-afternoon so not meant as a meal but a snack. My sister said she has about 60 little cups not big enough for drinks but great for fruit cups or even my idea of cups of noodles.

I asked the hubby what else can I do food wise? His response is sushi! Well I don’t have sushi but when we did my hubbies graduation party my sister made these incredible ham rolls that look like sushi. I am pretty sure I have all the ingredients she would need to make them. I would only need to get the ham.

As for the punch I make my own special kind. Its become the center of the snacks! I make it different every time. You Can see Moms Saving Money Birthday Party Punch Recipe. I guarantee that people will ask you whats in it. Its kinda addicting! I promise no alcohol is involved whatsoever!

On that note I have all ingredients I will use minus sherbet so if I have the funds I will pick some up but if not this time I may not be getting any, I will know later this week.

I have tons of chips I can set out as well. My mother in-law cleaned out her pantry from items they will no longer be eating to be healthier so she gave me about 6 bags of chips. Many of them are baked so pretty healthy.

So can you think of any other ideas I can serve?

Thanks for reading, I hope to finish the pinata and start on more decorations today.

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