Despicable Me Birthday Party

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Minion Birthday Party Ideas

Despicable Me Birthday Party

There are so many creative Minion Birthday Ideas out there, you just need to make sure you have the time to create before the big day. Aren’t theme birthday parties great? I sure think so. Comment below with your favorite theme party you recently had or attended. Be sure to check out the Moms Saving Money Store where you can purchase a Despicable Me Birthday Party Pack with handmade invitations and thank you cards along with Minion Favor Bags. [product id=”46804″ sku=”DM-2″] despicable me birthday invites


Make sure to check out all the Minion Party Ideas listed below.


For the Invites I created them from cardstock and used my handy dandy cameo silhouette to make both the Invitations and Thank You Cards. I used the print and cut feature which made them super easy to make. You can purchase the Minion Invitations.

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Table Decorations

Water Bottle Minions – Take a regular size Water bottles or even 2 liters if you want big minions and add blue paint to the inside and swish it around to about halfway up. Let it dry and then add yellow paint to fill the remainder of the top of the water bottle. Add glasses and eyes to the outside and now you have minions to place on your table! Minion Egg table decoration Minion Eggs – Simple and easy to make and you probably have most of everything already! Check out how to make the Minion Eggs Tutorial. Frozen party ideas button Wall Decorations For the wall keep it simple but fun, use yellow and blue streamers curled from one end to the next or you can just do a few entry ways. Make Minion doorway hangings with blue curling ribbon. Create a large life size minions using yellow and blue tablecloths from Dollar Tree, use a black sharpie to draw the eyes, glasses and mouth. minon balloon tutorial step by step Minion Balloons – Add some yellow balloons and draw the mouth, eyes and glasses and some spiky hair to make them look like minions. Check out the Minion Balloon Tutorial. Minion Banner Birthday Banner – Take Yellow cardstock and make the triangle banner one for each letter you will need 13. use blue traingles slightly smaller or use strips to make the same effect. Cut out each letter to make a Happy Birthday banner. My minion party occured after Christmas so I was able to pick up Yellow Christmas bulbs and created Minions to hang from each letter in the banner. Super easy and Fun. You can check out the Minion Christmas Bulb Tutorial.



Minion Cups Cups – I picked up solid yellow cups for this party for $.37 a pack of 12 at Dollar General when they were on clearance at 75% off this past summer. I took blue jean scrapbooking print that I actually got from a friend cleaning out her paper. I cut them in strips and used double sided tape to adhere them to the cup. I used black thin strips of paper for the glasses and silver sticker paper to make the glasses. I then used googly eyes and used  glue to attach those as well. Check out the Minion Cups Tutorial. Plates – I picked solid yellow that can be bought at Dollar Tree and since the plates will be covered with food I decided not to draw or add any googly eyes or glasses. Just plain solid color. Vector Napkin Rings tutorial - Despicable Me Napkins – Blue for the color of their overalls. Or if you are feeling creative you can get yellow and roll them up and use blue paper and glue in a ring as the overalls. Or you can use black and add silver glasses and eyes to the black ring. I decided on Vector Napkins because I am all about using what I have. You can see how to make your own Vector Napkin Rings Tutorial with Orange Napkins. Minion Tablecloth tutorial Tablecloth – I picked black since most of the party decorations are yellow, blue and orange. But if you are going to be Minionated you can make a Minion Easy Peasy! Check out the Minion Tablecloth Tutorial.

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Party Favors

minion treat bags Favor bags – You can get paper gift bags with handles 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree or you can get a 10 pack paper sacks for $1 also at Dollar Tree. Take a marker and add you black band for the glasses. Cut out silver glasses and add large googly eyes to complete the bags. Check out the Minion Favor Bags Tutorial.

Finger Puppets – You can make these from scraps of the plastic tablecloth or you can use yellow construction or cardstock paper to make minions that fit around fingers. If you know how to sew find a yellow shirt at a thrift shop and cut it up to make little yellow minion puppets.

Bubbles – You can find a 3 pack at Dollar Tree however you only get 1 yellow so you can check Walmart or Michael’s and just buy yellow bubbles. Are you feeling crafty? Make your own Bubbles and get a case of mini water bottles and add yellow food coloring to the bubbles and add blue overalls to the outside.

Minion Paper Glasses – Make these out of card stock or an easy way to get the depth is use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls and cut your desired with. Use silver or grey to cover the brown or you can spray paint them or even paint them and for the glasses band use pipe cleaners so they can be adjustable. Check out the tutorial. These are a great Despicable Me 2 party favor idea. Minion Glasses Front


[tab:Food Ideas]


Banana Minions – Cut unpeeled bananas in half and take a marker to add the glasses and mouth to the peel of the banana. Chocolate covered Pretzel sticks – Take the large pretzel sticks and dip them in yellow colored chocolate, this is easier with white chocolate and add yellow drops of food coloring. Minion Nutter Butters – Take Nutter Butters add some chocolate icing to make the glasses and eyes and mouth! Punch – Only my famous punch will do so yellow it will be for this minion theme! You can also do blue like their overalls! Minion juice Minion Juice – Take Gatorade Bottle Lemon-Line, remove the wrapper and add a Blue strip about 2 inch around the bottle and add the G. You can also make Vector Juice using the Orange or Grape for the Purple Minions. For the smaller water bottles do the same or you can fill them up with Lemonade. Cake – You could make a Minion cake or me the easier thing was baking cupcakes and taking twinkies, cutting in half and add one half to the top of the cupcake. I used yellow chocolate to cover and decorate to make Minions. Minion Pinata - Despicable Me


Yes you guessed right I decided to make a Minion Pinata! Can I just say I am blinded by yellow! Check out my tutorial on how to make a Minion Pinata. minion costumes


Minion Costume. It is always fun to dress up. I already had overalls from my oldest son’s Super Mario Party back in September so this was easy. I simply found bright yellow shirts for the whole family. Check Dollar Tree they have some but you have to check the sizes. Also Michael’s will have 4/$10 on their youth solid shirts. Also a great place to find shirts are thrift shops. Simply get a black fabric marker and make your circles for the glasses and the band, add eyes and a mouth! You can also use a yellow hoodie that will also do a great job.


pin the eye on the minion Pin the Eye on the Minion – Yes I know not to original but I figure we might give this a try. So first create a Minion out of Card Stock Big enough to be sizeable and attach to a Cardboard box. Make the Goggles separate that you can place double sided tape on and can be easily placed on the Minion. I used Re-adjustable Tacky Glue. Attach the minion to a door or wall in a central location of the party. Use a blind fold when it is the child’s turn. Spin a couple times and face them in the direction of the Minion. Have fun and lots of laughs. Pin the Eye on the Minion Tutorial. Do you have other Despicable Me party games? Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear about them.

Make your Own Minion– Be sure to place the Name of the minion on the back of each one so the kids know which one is theirs.


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