Digital way to Save your Kids Projects

Don’t get stuck with every single paper your kid comes home with!!! Let me show you a way to digitally save papers your kids bring home so your tower doesn’t start to pile up.

Digital way to save your kids Projects

As the school year begins papers and projects will be flowing in steadily learn a digital way to save your kids projects.

Don’t make the mistake I did. Take control now and save yourself time and space. My boys have speech delays and as a concerned parent, I want to make sure my kids get the best services they can so I kept EVERY and YES I mean EVERY paper, project and art piece.

But after 1 school year I have a Huge Box and 3 Binders full of paper from my son. YIKES is right! Well my reasoning for keeping everything, is because I kept things when I was growing up, but also I wanted to see the progress my kids are making over the year.

Well, please don’t make this same mistake. There is a much easier way to keep those images of their work, but not in paper form.

  1. Simply Scan their papers and projects each week using your printer/scanner.
  2. Save as a PDF and make a folder or even a DVD+RW to place all the images on. This way you still have the memories of their work, but its not taking a lot of room up. I’m not saying throw out all their paperwork. Keep those that mean a lot to you and them, just be careful not to over indulge and keep tons!
  3. Also another creative way to display their art each week is pick one item each week to display on the frig. I have 3 kids so 1 for each is enough and doesn’t clutter my frig. Display it for a week and then pick a new one for the next week.
  4. You can keep these special projects in a Binder.

See my How to Organie your kids Paperwork article.

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