Disney Cars Party Ideas

Disney Cars Party Ideas

Disney Cars Party Ideas

Imagine the excitement when your child’s guest  super cool handmade invitation to a Disney Cars Party. Build the excitement with these awesome decoration ideas. Invent your own and feel free to list and share them in the comments. I love homemade decorations. Just remember for a great party you do not need to spend tons of money what you do at the party is what will be remembered. Use bright solid colors that go with the theme like red, white, black, blue, red, yellow and green.

I had so many ideas for Disney Cars Party that I had a hard time thinking of where to start. I hope you find the following Disney Cars party decoration ideas helpful and useful.

Disney Car Party Invites


Route 66 Invitations – These are a great addition to Disney Cars Themed birthday Party. Very aasy to make and I do all the hard work for you! You can get the Route 66 shapes in the Moms Saving Money store. Rekindle the good old days with these DIY Route 66 Invitations. Find the step by step instructions here for Route 66 Invitations.

Table Decorations

cars piston cups

Disney Cars Piston Cups – Simple and easy to make. All you need is some yellow construction paper, yellow tissue paper and empty 2 L bottles. Check out the Piston Cups Tutorial. Use a black tablecloth to cover your table to make the piston cups stand out.

disney cars table decorations




Wall Decorations


Wall Signs/Street Signs – Make some stop signs, yield, countries to place all over the party rooms. You can find the letters for the signs in the Moms Saving Money Store. Use your imagination and create your own. The sky is the limit! See the Wall Signs Tutorial.

disney cars wall decorations



Stop Lights – Make a Rectangle box and cover with black paper. Add a yellow, green and red circles for the lights. Great to place hanging from a walkway. Add some streamers and some balloons and you have yourself a simple Disney Cars decoration. Check out the Step by Step Stop Light Tutorial.


Floor Decorations

Road walkway tutorial

Road Walkway – Simple and cheap. Take a black plastic tablecloth and yellow duck tape all from Dollar Tree. But the plastic long ways in half. Tape down on each side with the Duck tape. Make yellow strips and place in the middle of the road to separate the lanes. Check out the Road Walkway Tutorial.

Disney Cars Lightening McQueen Pinata

Disney Lightening McQueen

Lightening McQueen Pinata – Yes that is right I built a Lightening McQueen and so can you. One of my favorite pinata’s to make. Find the step by step tutorial here for the Disney Lightening McQueen Pinata. Lightening McQueen Pinata was a great Disney Cars Party game ideas among racing the cars like Flo, Fillmore, Doc Hudson and others.


Black/White Wall Tires – Get chocolate and white powder mini donuts and use them as Black and White Wall Tires. Great Treat idea.



Disney Cars Tire Cake Recipe

Tires – Wow your guests with a yummy Tires Cake great addition to the Disney Cars Theme Party. See how to make the Tire Cake.

disney cars cake

Thank you Cards

cars thank you

With these Cars Thank you cards you can seal the deal to a great party.

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